BabyPlaque Gift Certificate Package


Give the gift of BabyPlaque to your favorite future parent-to-be! Perfect gift for baby showers!

BabyPlaque is a timeless custom keepsake to commemorate the birth of a special little one.

How It Works

This BabyPlaque Gift Certificate comes ready to be gifted, packaged in an adorable baby block box. The Gift Certificate pays for the plaque and shipping costs whenever the parent-to-be is ready to redeem her Baby Plaque gift.

To Redeem

After the baby is born, the parent will enter their baby's information on the BabyPlaque website and input the special code printed on their certificate card.


- Handcrafted 7.5 x 7.5 x 3/4” wooden plaque
- 7 unique plaque color options
- Personalized with baby’s name, birthdate, birth time, location, height, weight, and genuine Swarovski® crystal birthstone!
- Perfect for nursery room display on a wall or shelf.

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