Once upon a time in a land not too far away, we wanted to create a special, lasting keepsake to commemorate the addition of a new baby to the family.

After searching far and wide, we decided our family could use our personalization skills to create a high quality baby gift that was the fairest of them all. Soon after, BabyPlaque™ was born and we’ve been creating unique, handcrafted BabyPlaques for new bundles of joy across the world ever since.

From our family to yours… congratulations!

Learn what our customers have to say about us.

gold_starsGranger, IL

“Over the years I Have bought many baby plaques from BabyPlaque.com. I like them because I feel comfortable giving these plaques to friends and family. They are always very excited and appreciative to receive them. They are a very unique gift that is one of a kind, will be enjoyed for a lifetime and the quality has always been excellent.”

gold_starsScottsdale, AZ

“We love the Baby Plaque. We received one as a gift when our older son was born, and since then it has been our go-to baby gift. EVERYONE loves it!! The style is classic, and it holds all of baby’s vital info. We LOVE it, and get compliments from visitors who see it proudly displayed in our boys’ rooms. And, we often get requests from friends to buy the plaque for their children. What higher compliment is that, when someone WANTS you to buy them the Baby Plaque?? Great gift that will last a lifetime!”

gold_starsPeoria, AZ

“Baby plaques are the ONLY gift I give for each and every new baby born to friends and family. It has become a tradition everyone looks forward to getting. I’m even going to get my grown children their own plaque for cherished memories to last a lifetime. I’m now giving these plaques to great grandchildren.”

gold_starsPhoenix, AZ

“I am a long time client of BabyPlaque.com. I am a recently retired tax partner at EY and for the past 14 years, have used BabyPlaque.com exclusively for the “unique” and “one of a kind” baby gifts for my co-workers both here in Phoenix and around the country. I also use these baby plaques for family members. First, the customer service I have received from Jaime Luvisi has been outstanding. I was able to “pre-purchase” the baby plaques 10 at a time and then use them when the need arose. I could personalize the plaques when the babies were born. I always had some “in stock”. In addition, there have been two times where the information was not correct (probably user error). Once I contacted Jaime, she was able to send the correct information “plates” directly to the recipients with information on how to remove the incorrect plate and affix the correct plate. All at no additional cost to me!! THANK YOU!! Lastly, the parents who receive these gifts absolutely rave about them every time!! These plaques are personalized and unlike anything else I have seen. Thanks again to everyone at BabyPlaque™.”

gold_starsBerkley, MN

“A gift for a baby to treasure for a lifetime: I received a personalized baby plaque for my daughter in December 2014. It was a gift from her Grandfather celebrating her birth as he had also purchased one for my nephew when he was born earlier in 2014. This is such a precious, beautiful gift that my daughter will treasure forever. We have it displayed on her dresser in her bedroom for all to see. I have received several compliments on the plaque from visitors. This was such a cherished gift that when a good friend of mine had her baby girl a few weeks ago, I decided to purchase a baby plaque for her daughter to treasure for a lifetime. I gave it to her today and the smile on her face as she read the plaque said it all. I am excited to continue the tradition of gifting the baby plaque for the special babies born in my life. Babyplaque.com offered excellent customer service and provided a fast delivery with the product. They respond to emails in a timely manner and are very professional.”

gold_starsPhoenix, AZ

“I have been a fan of BabyPlaque.com for the past 24 years – and my family and friends have become fans too. The very first one I ordered was for my niece who turned 24 this year. The plaque was such a hit that my sister asked me to order one for each of her two older children as well. That’s when I knew that I had a winner! The plaques are such a unique way to memorialize a birth that it has been my baby gift of choice for everyone who has welcomed a new addition since. I’ve given them to friends for their children, to nieces, nephews, and all my grand children and great grandchildren. They are such a hit that if I miss a birth, I typically get a reminder from friends or family that they need their Baby Plaque! BabyPlaque.com has always produced them promptly and beautifully – I’m a Baby Plaque lifer!”

gold_starsAlpine, CA

“Best gift to give EVER. I received my first plaque almost 28 years ago… I asked my aunt for a second when my 2nd was born 4 years later… I have been giving them as gifts and have always been just as excited to give as the new parents are to receive (this one was no exception)

Unique AND Good Quality – A great combination!”